Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Battling With Satan

We discovered that Satan had invaded our property in Door County. He appeared in the spring in the form of a weed-like sprig and transformed himself into a stand of trees by early September. He did not disguise himself as just any tree, but as an invasive, fast growing monster with a tenacious running root system (tentacles from hell).

I had made an appointment with local landscape architect John Meredith to discuss planting along our property line to screen the new house next door from our view. Before he arrived we wondered if we could simply let the Satan Trees grow to serve this purpose. John came by Saturday morning, took one look, and recommended we destroy the beast. Surprisingly, he was not familiar with the Satan Tree.

The first photo (above) shows how quickly the beast grew over the summer. From a sprig to about four feet tall! Exorcising the beast takes a lot of energy (see the movie clip below).

After all of the tree and it's demonic roots had been pulled, we annointed the area with holy water (a deadly Ortho brand chemical) to guard against its return.

Ashes to ashes. Dust to dust.
To get the best idea of the battle, see the video.


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