Thursday, September 13, 2007


I almost never take portaits. I always assume that people don't like their picture taken. Yet, I often see people that I would like to photograph.

Recently, by way of Flakphoto, I was introduced to the portraits of Keith Dannemiller, a photographer who lives in Mexico City. His portaits are honest, straightfoward, and intimate. Many are taken on the street. I find them very compelling and wish I could take portriaits that are similarly profound. I corresponded with Keith and he gave me some pointers and encouragement.

I dropped off some shoes at the repair shop at lunchtime today. Something about the two guys behind the counter caught my eye, but I left the shop and got in the car. I sat there for a moment, thinking about how I'd like to get a photo of those two. I thought about Keith and made my decision. I went back in and asked the younger one if the other was his father and he replied, "Yes." I asked if they would mind if I took their portrait. Not at all. In fact, the seemed pleased.

Of course, this portrait is nothing like Keith Dannemiller's portraits. But he's been at it for a long while.


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