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Improptu Visit To The Farnsworth House 7-23-06

This posting is a bit late, but I figure it's better than never. Read the captions under the photos, which are located here: FARNSWORTH HOUSE There are photos of the house, as well as other things that caught my eye along the way there and back.

For history, location and other information, see this website: OFFICIAL WEBSITE

Monday, August 14, 2006

Chicago Road Trip - August 12, 2006

A road trip is always great fun, even if only a few miles from home. This past weekend we headed into Chicago for some first hand tourism. We landed in what turned out to be the eastern part of Andersonville. What a surprise! We found ourselves in the Lakewood-Balmoral Historic District, a neighborhood rich with beautiful restored homes and meticulously attended gardens. See photos here: PHOTOS This was particularly interesting exploring a historic district in light of my recent zoning rant (July 18, 2006 post). I was glad to find a garage that was thoroughly modern, attached to a renovated historic home. I don't know how they let that happen, but I'm glad to see it.

For lunch we stopped at Charlie's Ale House (5308 N. Clark St.) and enjoyed cold beers and a pizza with a crispy, thin cracker crust.

Our route made no particular sense. We simply went in whatever direction seemed interesting at the moment. It included short-cuts through alleys, exploring the industrial corridor along the tracks that parallel Ravenswood, and seeing lots of renovation completed and in progress. We saw and heard a great deal of renovation in progress.

NOTE: OKO mysteriously disappeared from Blogger about five days ago. I rebuilt the index page this evening. This time I have made a back-up copy!

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