Saturday, May 08, 2010

Back in Buenos Aires – Saturday, May 8

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C and J are beaming, finally seeing each other after six months.

While walking to have lunch at Cantina La Mamma Rosa, we passed by a small catering establishment.  The owner instantly called to us to step in to sample something. 

We tried the sphere shaped Swiss chard filled “mini bohios de verdura” (like an empanada)(note missing one on the right).  Tasty.  Definitely better than eating spinach.  (Rut’s Catering, Loyola 211 in Villa Crespo)

Above is the Palo Boracha tree.  The name means “drunk stick.”  It’s named because the lower part of the tree is engorged on water.  Another reason this tree is popular is because it can be planted next to a house without fear that the burglar will climb in.  Note the thorns on the trunk in the photo below.

Miscellaneous photos:




Still life from Leo’s house.

Old friends walking along Honduras.


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