Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Road Trip to Madison

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We took a trip to Madison to attend our friend Tom's birthday party this past weekend. It morphed into a one day road trip of sorts when we decided to take a leisurely back country approach to Madison instead the interstate. See map below. We left Evanston around 10 am. We spotted a custard stand in Burlington around 11 am, which caused us to stop. After inhaling a chocolate-vanilla swirl we decided to take a short bike tour around the downtown. Nice and clean. Real Wisconsin. And a remarkable number of museums for a small town: We took a pass on visiting the museums this trip, loaded the bikes back on the car and headed for Palmyra. By the time we got there it was time for lunch and we were ravenous. We walked into one place but there wasn't a soul to be seen so we walked across the street to Hot Rods Bar & Grille. I wondered if it was a gay bar, but it wasn't. The theme was hot rods, although the only indication was the grille of a car on the wall. That's it. One solitary grille. Perhaps that's why the name is Bar & Grille rather than Bar and Grilles, because there was no grill to cook on. Just a toaster oven. Either very clever of the owner or happenstance and the entire concept of my observation this is way beyond them. I think the later.

Fort Atkinson was a real surprise. We didn't realize how bad the flooding was. The highlight of the trip, however, was stumbling across the Cold Spring Egg Farm. What an operation! See the photos. Unfortunately we didn't go inside. It's not open to the public.

A slide show of the trip can be seen here.

A short movie of the party appears here.


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